The Importance Of College Resume Templates Without Any Job Experience


Remember, attitude and ability are the two most important traits needed to be remembered while writing a professional resume or hunting for a job. Penning down your first ever college student resume is a significant step for any person looking out for a professional career. Crafting the resume with care and diligence is a must necessity in order to showcase your excellency and your preparedness to succeed in life.

There might be tons of reasons for you not having any previous experience, but there is undoubtedly much other stuff you might add to your resume to show employers how capable you are in your domain. Your professionalism towards work, your competency, and your skills are the major aspects a recruiter needs while in search of entry-level employees. Highlighting your education and your greatest strengths are some of the major things you need in order to build a perfect resume.

In this blog, we will be discussing some essential college student resume tips and how to make a resume for a job without any prior job experience.

  • Write A Professional Summary

A college student resume summary must come just down below the name and the contact information. It should be written in brief, including three to four sentences giving an overview of abilities, background, and personal interest.

As because a new college graduate won’t be having any prior job experience, few resume positive keywords must be included along with the relevant skills, work ethics, education, personal interests, and professional passions. Try to make each summary custom tailored for every specific job role you are applying for.

Example of a professionally written college student resume objective:

Detail-oriented personality and an aspiring Data entry clerk pursuing Bachelor Of Arts Degree. A collaborative co-worker, passionate and mathematical minded person interested in an entry-level job posting in the data analytics field.

  • Skills You Have Learned In College and Other Examples of Experiences

Adding a section of resume skills just beneath your professional resume summary is a must necessity. In order to get an idea about the skills required for the vacant job position, you need to give a thorough reading of the job description of that specific job title. In most cases, the key skills required for the post are listed in the requirements and the qualification section of the job title. Try listing out all the skills that you are familiar with during your college days or if you have practiced anything during an extracurricular activity. Always be honest with your competency level during the interview.

Here is an example of listing less than ten skill in your resume:

  1. Public speaking capability.
  2. Time Management.
  3. Microsoft Office.
  4. Professional character.
  5. Filing and organizing.

Listing of more than ten skill set in your resume:

  1. Mathematical skills: Statistics, Data Entry, Data Analysis.
  2. Professional skills: Office Etiquettes, Active Listener, Time Management, Professional Communication.
  3. Leadership skills: Budgeting, Team Management, Resource Planning.
  4. Languages Known: English (native speaker), French (basic proficiency)
  • Academic Achievements and Education

This is another essential section to be added in your first ever resume. Try listing the degrees that you have received in all these years and the ones that you are pursuing. In case you have stopped your college degree course in the middle, list out the hours and credits that you have completed.

Examples of listing education and achievements in your resume

  1. University Of The West, Rosemead, CA                                                        September 2018

Bachelor of Science in Physics; Minor in Applied Physics. 

  • University Of The West, Rosemead, CA                                                        In Progress

Associate of Arts.

  • University Of The West, Rosemead, CA                                        September 2010- July 2016

Bachelor in Art History, 150 Credit Hr Obtained.

  • Listing Of Job Relevant Academic Projects

A college student resume work experience section can be listed with some job related academic or personal projects. Try making a brief paragraph and connect how your college projects can make you a perfect fit for the company. Before penning down your academic projects in your resume, take some time to think about how you can explain its relevance if asked during an interview.

  • Listing All Your Accomplishments and Awards

After all these sections, don’t forget to write a section on your past accomplishments, achievements, or awards. You can list down your academic accomplishments such as ‘Best Orator’ in college or ‘Highest Grade Scorer.’ You can even make a list of personal achievements such as if you have won medals in sports or other extra curriculum activities. For each award you are listing, try to name the award, the date, and a short description if needed.

  • What Should Be The Length Of The Resume, Fonts and Their Sizes?

A perfect resume with no experience to show must not be more than a page. Try to utilize the full page and write each and every minute detail in brief. The best type of fonts is the Arial or the Times New Roman. Never use more than one type of font on the same resume set. The font size depends on how much you need to write in your resume in order to fill up an entire page. Using 18pt for your name,14pt for the headings is an excellent place to start. Try to write the resume content or the body of the text in 11-12pt.

  • Remember A Good Resume Must Be Consistent

Consistency is the key while you are crafting your first resume. Remember to align and format all the similar headers of the page in the same format. For example, if you are writing any date in the long-form, you need to long-form them in each and every place of your resume. Penning down a consistent resume can be of real help in grabbing the attention of the recruiter.

Building yourself a persuasive resume when you have no prior job experience is indeed a difficult task. If you want your resume to be eye catchy, don’t forget to visit Stemknot, and have a glance at our thousands of free resume templates and make use of our free resume maker to make sure your resume is well built and stands out in the crowd.

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