Positive Words To Add In Your Resume For Each Section


Resumes can serve to be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker while you are applying for a prospective job. They are just the pawns in the checkerboard standing in the first line of defense between you and your hiring manager. A resume is the best marketing tool to sell yourself in front of a potential employer. It is something that has a higher value than just a sheet of paper, outlining your skillset, previous work experience, educational background, and a lot more stuff. Making your resume fascinating, presentable, and elegant can only be made possible with the use of some power-packed positive words demonstrating your strengths and highlighting yourself as a perfect fit for the job role. Positive words included in your resume jazzes up your summary and makes them alive in their own creative way.

Let’s start by the different types of positive words you can add, their importance, and the effectiveness while building a perfect resume.

How Can Positive Words Bring Good Results?

A set of positive words are used for various reasons. In most cases, a potential recruiter generally takes a glance through the cover letters and resumes due to the high volume they receive. Use of action words like this, in a college student resume, helps in jumping off the sheet, giving the employers a belief that you might have the qualifications and the necessary skill set to get the job done in the first place.

Positive words or keywords in specific are useful when a company uses an applicant tracking system or the ATS technology. They keywords can help in the virtual screening process of an applicant when the company makes use of the ATS technology to focus mainly on the best suitable candidates. Positive words should always be considered because these applicants tracking systems work on the principle of eliminating resumes that misses these resume positive keywords.

The Different Types of Positive Words

  • Action Verbs: A significant type of positive word is an action verb. This verb portrays the ability and zeal to succeed in life. An action verb type of positive word represents the skill set you generally have and the skills that you have been using in your past to achieve success. A college student resume summary must contain this type of action verb to create a first and everlasting impression on the interviewer. Examples of such action, verbs are- initiated, supervised, accomplished, etc.
  • Famous Skill Words: There are several qualities and skill set that almost all potential employer looks for while searching for the perfect person suitable for the job role. For example, using strong positive words such as passionate, responsible, or strong leaders for demonstrating your essential skills can help in grabbing the eye of an employer.
  • Company Values: To make the employer believe that you are the perfect fit for the job role using positive keywords that the company uses to describe itself can be an excellent catch. Try searching out the company’s “about us” page or in their job listing portal. Say, for example, if the company makes the use of the word “innovative” somewhere in their website, you can incorporate the term “innovate” in your resume. Vigorous use of these positive words in your resume might bring great results.
  • Industry Jargon or Buzzwords: Remember, each industry or company has specific positive keywords of their own. Accurately demonstrating these words proves your necessary hard skills. Try spreading out these buzzwords precisely and uniformly throughout your resume to convince the employer that you also want to be the part of the company. A list of some common buzzwords includes launched, demonstrated, facilitated, etc. If You are a recent college graduate and looking for a job, you should remember that a college student resume summary must be filled with positive buzzwords such as skilled, trained, expert, experienced, etc
  • Keywords: These are the positive words that are related to any specific skill set or other job requirements. By incorporating these specific positive words in your cover letter or resume, you demonstrate the employer that you are a perfect fit according to the need of the above position. Some examples of keywords are programmed, designed, taught, trained, analyzed, quantified, etc. Inclusion of such words is a must necessity in order to make the best undergraduate resume.

List Of Top 5 Positive Words:

  1. Created-

The use of this positive word defines you and proves your ability to do a lot more than just following instructions. It defines your zeal to construct something valuable that might help the company in the long run. No matter what you did previously, using the word created proves your initiative, independence, and originality.

  • Under Budget-

It would be interesting for a company or your potential recruiter to know that along with making money you can help them to save money. If you are just a recent graduate wanting to join the workforce, write how you saved money for your college. Adding something like this “organized crowdfunding for a project, and saved $500 by remaining to underbudget” can be really helpful and eye-catchy. This can be a perfect resume example for students with no skills.

  • Volunteered-

This positive action word proves your willingness to help the company with a specific task or a project even if you are not asked for help. Try using this word in the resume for undergraduate students to show your teamwork skills.

  • Launched-

This word clearly portrays your ability to launch and complete a project. Whether you helped someone with the design of a website or launched an app that you developed, this power-packed keyword shows your ability to produce something fruitful.

  • Influenced-

A potential employer is always in search of candidates who are capable to persuade and encourage others for the betterment of the company. Using positive words like influenced in your resume format proves your zeal to achieve something while focusing light on your leadership skills.

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