Negative Words To Avoid In Your Resume


You only have ten seconds to create an impression with your resume. Taking full utilization of these moments while the recruiter is going through your experiences and skill set, it is of utmost importance to choose the best collection of words. Remember your resume needs an update- that being said, if your resume is similar to other candidates, then you belong to the same pool as they are. Annoying jargons, empty clichés, and recycled buzzwords are the most common deadwood words that recruiters hate seeing.

Instead of these choosing action-oriented phrases, that describe you and why you should be taken into consideration, it can be a decent way to impress the HR folks. For example, instead of saying something like “result-driven person delivering impactful opportunities” you can say “Over the years I have developed a simple and streamline delivery process, reducing expenses by almost 30%”. Well, your hiring manager would love to see something like this in your resume format.

Here Is A List Of 10 Such Negative Words That You Must Avoid While Writing A Resume

  1. Scalable: Well, this word is the most favorite of all. Somewhere, maybe in a resume or in an article or perhaps in some mere conversations someone used this word, and now each and every person is using this word as an adjective and applying it with every phrase. The word itself is too difficult to define, and sometimes it’s hard to know and understand its meaning in a particular phrase. If your future recruiter isn’t sure what you mean by using this word, he or she won’t be trying to find it out. Remember each and every word has a synonym, try using that.
  2. Hard Working: Working hard is excellent; companies love hard-working employees. Do you know what they even love more? A person who is an all-rounder and a great performer. There are times when you don’t need to work hard to get the job; all you need to do is work smart. In case you want to join the workforce of industry like advertising or someplace where creativity takes the priority, the use of such words in a college student resume can simply be wrong. There are thousands of other alternatives that might be useful. If you still want to use it, make it sound in a way that counts.
  3. Creative: Creativity is outstanding quality, and even it sounds great to have in your resume. But the fact is you should always try to avoid describing yourself as creative. Try out something else like “currently working with creative personalities” or “engaged in some creative works”, etc. This proves that you and the word creativity have a connection in some way or the other, and even it sounds great in a student resume example.
  4. Capable: This is a very common word used in most of the college student resume summary. Of course, you would love to call yourself capable, but recruiters hate seeing this word repeatedly in each and every resume. Well, there is no other exact alternative to the word capably, but efficient seems to be the closest.
  5. Communication Skills: Well, what do you mean by communication skills? Being able to speak in a proper tone? How can you be so sure that you have excellent speaking skills? Remember to make your resume utterly different from that of others, and yes, excellent communication skills is a phrase that is common in almost all college student resume objective. Try avoiding this phrase and keep concentrating on penning down a perfect resume. If your resume is well written, it surely shows your good communication skills.
  6. Problem Solver: This word certainly has a big dosage of negativity in it and never sounds good in a resume for undergraduate students. It merely implies that if there is any problem, you will be involved in it as a solver. This is really something tough to predict and even result in a difficult question on your interview day.
  7. Thru: It’s not that you would not put thru in your resume. But this necessarily represents the words in the text that are possibly misspelled. For example, the dates may not be correct or anything else that might be wrong. We are human beings, committing a mistake is normal, but it shouldn’t be an excuse. Try using an online spelling checker to see if you have any missing data including your personal information. Also, don’t forget to check grammatical errors and style errors. Silly mistakes such as affective becoming effective, there becomes their, your becoming you’re are some common errors that can result in the omission of your name from the list.
  8. Skillful: Well, this is a very redundant word and can easily be interpreted or manipulated. Instead of using the skillful word, try out for the skills that are easily noticeable in your resume.
  9. Innovative: Innovative or innovation is a word that is common in most of the resume. Well, to be frank, all the strengths of the word is lost, and as of now, it only makes the employer roll their eyes. Words such as team player, innovative or result-oriented should only be taken into consideration when it is a must necessity. There is always a better version of these words or phrases. Have a look at them below:
  10. Innovative-Giving birth to new ideas.
  11. Results-Oriented- Making sure that ideas reach their climax.
  12. Team Player- Worked with some skillful people.

           Sometimes using potential phrases rather than words is a great way to describe yourself.

  1. Motivated: Sometimes, it is great if you state the reason for your motivation. For example, “acquiring new skills motivates me”, or something like “Internally motivated”. The word “Motivated” alone is vague and useless, and it surely makes your hiring manager wonder why it is so important to you to emphasize the word motivation? Well, you might get a bullet fired with another round of difficult questions by your recruitment panelist.

Now that you have finished reading this article, go and give a thorough revision of your resume and check if you’ve committed the same mistakes that millions of others are doing for ages. Well, if you want some more help, don’t forget to visit Stemknot, and have a glance at our thousands of free resume templates and make use of our free resume maker to make sure your resume is well built and stands out in the crowd.

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