Insights Into The Key Aspects Of Resume Building


In order to write a great college student resume, you must know where to begin and what must be included in it. Ensuring all the key sections are not missing while you are writing a resume to impress your potential recruiter is a great way to start. A perfectly crafted resume is your first baby step in the process of landing into your dream job. You must take extra care, and attention in ensuring all your achievements are phrased out in a correct format. Nothing, but the less you should know a few college student resume tips to make your resume a catalyst in your job search experience.

This is why we thought of helping you out with a comprehensive list of the key aspects of resume building, which you can put down while building your perfect resume.

However, writing down an award-winning resume format is much of the outcome of the facts that you should include, as much as knowing what you must omit. Well, that’s an entirely different topic, and we will discuss it on some other blogs. But, here let’s focus on the insights of the key aspects of resume making with some best student resume examples.

As a result of these, the blog is very much detailed. Thus, we suggest you keep it open while writing. Referring to this blog, every time when you aren’t sure about what should be written and what belongs to your resume will surely bring out the best outcome.

Include A Key Skills Section

Including a key skill section in your resume is perhaps the most debated topic that you are going to find on the internet. A potential recruiter always counts on you while reviewing your resume skills. Making a list of your relevant skill sets in the form of bullets or grids can serve to be of great help to the recruiter. Remember, a resume having both the soft skills and hard skills listed, can serve to be one of the best undergraduate resume examples.

Here are two formats by which you can list your essential skills:

  • Bullet Point Key Assets: Try using up to four succinct bullets to make a highlight of your most relevant skill sets or competencies. Don’t forget to back them up with detailed and tangible results or benefits. Using this structure for executive hiring managers profoundly declares your leadership and academic skills. It even helps in elevating your capability in solving any type of organizational problems.
  • A Table or Grid: In this structure, it is advisable to include almost up to 16 skill sets that perfectly align the job responsivities the recruiter wants. This profound approach of yours will even help in optimizing your resume in the applicant tracking system or the ATS and also helps in enabling scan readings for humans.

Include URLs Of Social Media or LinkedIn

Research says that almost 93% of the recruiter’s claims of vetting job seekers on different social media platforms and LinkedIn before offering them the job. This surely means adding your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn URLs in your resume is a great idea. However, before adding them to your resume, you must make sure they are devoid of any personal data or content. We hope you won’t like to show your pictures in Miami of your last holidays to your recruiter.

Always Use Strong Action Words

A potential hiring manager would always love seeing your competencies, demonstrating your skillsets, and the way you solve your organizational problems. In simple words, they want both power and purpose in a candidate for the job role. A straightforward way to include both power and purpose while building a resume for undergraduate students is by carefully injecting different action verbs.

Here are some examples of such:

Drove towards continuous improvements…

Shaped strategical vision…

Forged relationships with potential stakeholders…

It is always advisable to be aware while using power words to your level. Try using strategic slants if you have just started your career and make use of transactional terms if you are at managerial levels. For example:

Developed vs. Shaped.

Execute vs. Spearhead.

Persuade vs. Inspire.

Include a Killer Headline

It is very obvious that your hiring manager won’t do a thorough check-up of your resume to take hold of your value proposition. An excellent example of a college student resume work experience must possess a killer heading that bounces off the page.

Placing a power-packed headline just beneath your name will help recruiters in finding your uniqueness.

For example,

Editor in Chief | University of Michigan Annual Magazine | Maximizing Return


Human Resource Head | Acquisitions and Mergers


Financial Officer | International Business

Inclusions Of Any Voluntary Positions If Applicable

A survey conducted in 2016 by the Deloitte group, stated that almost 80% of potential hiring executives said that voluntary position helps in increasing your leadership skills.

Sadly, another research made by the same group found that only a mere percentage of candidates include this piece of information in their resumes. If you are having such type of experiences, don’t forget to add it to your profile.

Don’t Use First Person While Writing Your Resume

While it is indeed true that some personal words need your voice, but the rest of your job application really needs a better and professional tone. Try to avoid any excessive use of first-person writing order, especially in your achievements and responsibilities part.

Here is an example of the responsibilities and achievement section while answering how to make a resume for jobs.

Lead a team of 20 human resource advisors.

Held the position of editor for the annual college magazine.

Proofreading Your Resume

In the end, we all are humans, and becoming error-free like a computer is not possible. While you are writing the best resume to build your career, don’t forget to recheck it thoroughly in order to make it free from any typing errors, grammatical, or any spelling mistakes.

A professionally written resume validates the education background, evaluates previous experience, skillsets and articulate it accurately. Writing down a perfect resume can be a difficult task. If you want your resume to be accurate, don’t forget to visit Stemknot, and have a glance at our thousands of free resume templates and make use of our free resume maker to make sure your resume is well built and stands out in the crowd.

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