How Stemknot Resume Templates Can Help Your Resume Beat ATS?


Even after finding a complete job listing and customizing the resume and cover letter, there are times when it doesn’t pass the infamous six seconds applicant testing system. More often than not, a highly potential resume gets lost forever inside the black hole of ATS or applicant testing system, and you are left wondering why the hiring manager wasn’t that in you.

The thing that most of the job seekers don’t realize that about 75 percent of the applications are just rejected before even being seen by the recruiters. Companies make use of a new technology called the applicant tracking system that acts as a filter to get the best-suited candidates.

Here in this blog, we will discuss everything about the application tracking system and what a college student resume must possess in order to optimize their resume format and beat these bots.

What Is An Applicant Tracking System?

An ATS or an applicant tracking system can be referred to as an electronic gatekeeper for the hiring manager. It is a software used mainly during the hiring process in order to scan, collect, and rank the applications a recruiter or a hiring manager receives for an open position.

The application tracking system was created and incorporated mainly for the large and veteran companies and industries to deal with the massive quantity of job applications that they receive on a weekly or monthly basis. As of date, almost 95 percent of the fortune 500 companies actually rely on the applicant tracking system to streamline their way of recruitment. However, what began as a solution for the companies has turned into a widespread tool for all industries of any sizes and shapes.

What Is The Working Principle of An Applicant Tracking System?

ATS or the applicant tracking system has a very fundamental way of working. In the very first place, it scans a resume and divides it into different categories and subcategories in search of any specific resume positive keywords. The application tracking system is designed in such a way that it can weed out any unqualified applicant on a first-hand basis. Thus, making the job of the recruiter much easy such that he or she can devote their time to evaluate candidates who can somewhat match for the open job position. In simple words, the ATS tosses out the unqualified candidates and helps in identifying the applicants who are the best fit in the jigsaw puzzle.

Unfortunately, it is terrible news for all who want to prepare a resume for undergraduate students if not formatted, keeping the application tracking system in mind.

How Can StemKnot Help In Writing ATS friendly resume?

In order to determine what type of resume is compatible with an ATS, Stemknot has gone through thousands of resume templates of highly experienced professionals to track out the most common mistakes that are mostly rejected by the ATS. The following points below highlight some of the most prevalent errors in a resume that makes it incompatible with the applicant tracking system.

  • Remember Keywords Are The Key

The best way to make your resume compatible with an applicant tracking system is by optimizing your resume with some specific keywords. Keywords or termed as power words represent a person’s hard skills and soft skills, denoting his or her expertise in their particular domain. In order to be sure which keywords to use in your resume, start with reading the job description that represents the position you want to apply for. Next, you can copy and paste that specific job description in applications such as WORDLE that might help in identifying the words that are used most frequently. If you have those skill sets and qualifications, pen it down into your resume without giving a second thought.

  • Selection Of The Right File Type

In contrast to the popular human belief, PDF document format isn’t the most friendly file type for the ATS. While pdfs are best to preserve the format and design of a resume, most ATS software is not compatible with this file format. If the software doesn’t mention any compatible file type, it is always better to play safe and stick to our age-old MS Word document file format. Anything written in plain text is extremely ATS friendly, but yes, they limit most of your formatting options. While in the process of writing the best undergraduate resume, keep the two audiences in mind, i.e., the live human of the company and the bots screening your resume in the first place.

  • Use A Clear Hierarchy And Maintain A Clean Design

Less is more is an obvious idea when it comes to resume design. Not only the complex resume template or resume format confuses the ATS, but it also might seem annoying to most recruiters. Hiring managers are accustomed to quickly scan a resume in order to get specific information from the resume. Thus, maintaining a clear hierarchy and a clean design can be helpful.

  • Use Only Some Simple Bullet Points

Remember, bullet points are the best when it comes to highlighting any qualifications or accomplishments on a college student resume summary. Try not to use any intricate characters or symbols while bulleting a list in your resume. Sticking to the oldest options when it comes to bullets such as open circle, solid circle, or square can really help in enhancing your resume and even make it compatible with the applicant tracking system.

  • Avoid Using Any Fancy Charts, Graphics or Images

While charts, graphics, or images look pleasant to the eyes of the humans, a resume containing any of these is a garbled mess. Usage of these is the most common reason leading a potential candidate resume to get lost forever. For example, if you are using a graphic representation to write your name on your resume, this piece of information might result in a complete loss of resume when tracked by the applicant tracking system. A student resume example must be free from any clutter and has to be short and simple to grab the eye of the employer.

Building a strong resume isn’t as easy as it seems. As technology is getting updated with every passing day, your resume must follow a similar suit. If you want your resume to be error-free and pass easily through any applicant tracking system software, you can view StemKnots free resume templates and free resume maker to make sure your resume is well built and grabs the eyes of both the recruiter and the bot.

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