How Important Is To Display The Software You Know Or Work On, In Your Resume


With all due respect to the always humble paper and pen, having some sort of computer software skills are a must requisite for anyone looking for a good career these days. No matter whatever industry you want to join, employers are always in dire need of candidates having some computer skills along with other hard skills and soft skills.

All big and small companies always want their employees to make use of the relevant technologies of their field to meet the different ends of the company’s objectives.

Highlighting the software skills in a college student resume can be of great help and prove to be of greater importance in providing an upper hand out there in the competition.

Technology is continuously evolving and thus causing a change in our ways to work. Staying ahead in this game between technologies and humans is the only way to survive.

Here in this blog, we’ll learn several aspects of software skills and how job seekers can highlight them in their resume format and resume skills.

How To Write Software Skills In Your Resume?

Recruiters or hiring managers are always in search of all-rounder employees, and that surely includes the knowledge of software skills. As a job seeker, determining those skill sets and writing them down on your resume is the most challenging part of all. Listing down the software skills you know is the first step in writing the best resume for undergraduate students.

The compass to identify what the recruiter wants can be easily achieved from the job details of the recruiter. Weaving all the specific software skills accordingly in the college student resume summary can throw light in the recruitment process.

You can even create a part in your resume just beneath your skill section to list any tech-specific programs.

For example:

Advanced user of QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and HTML

Here is a list of a few computer skills that can incredibly add value to your resume across a wide range of companies and industries. Thus, making you an attractive and appropriate candidate for the job role.

Data Analytics: Almost all the companies throughout the world make use of data in order to make decisions affecting the whole organization. As an outcome of that, recruiters are always in search of persons who can take their data in the account and analyze them.

Adding specific tools and data analysis programs such as Tableau, Google Analytics, Microsoft Excel on your resume format, you must also use different metrics that help in quantifying those achievements.

For example, “designed several excel sheets to take the company’s inventory management into a streamline, cutting an overall budget by almost 50%”.

Use of Microsoft Office And iWork: Nowadays all corporates want their new recruits to be familiar with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word along with having profound knowledge of Outlook, PowerPoint and OneNote.

In order to keep your resume up to date, don’t forget to write down that you are comfortable using the latest software of Microsoft Office 365 and collaborate with SharePoint and OneDrive. If the job advertisement portals mention it, you can even include the apple equivalents such as Keynote, Numbers, Pages, and iCloud in specific.

Creative And Design Software Skills: Companies are always in hunt of excellent and talented employees who are well able to take their brand value to new levels and provide them with a significant visual edge in the market place. The current work scenario proves that branding is way more important than any other stuff.

College student resume for internship or jobs can be added with Adobe Creative Suite knowledge, as it serves to be one of the hottest software skills that hiring managers are looking for.

Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign. These are some of the best examples of design software skills that can well suite for building the best undergraduate resume.

Programming and Web Development: A detailed report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that software engineers and web developers have a very bright future. Reports even say that a more significant number of people are on the verge to learn coding- not only for their job but also as a hobby. Adding some software programming skills can help in future-proofing your new career.

Here’s a list of a few:

  1. PHP.
  2. Python.
  3. Ruby on Rails.
  4. JavaScript.
  5. XML
  6. C programming.
  7. HTML.
  8. Swift etc.

Enterprising and Accounting Systems: A top-rated software called QuickBooks is used by all types of small or big businesses to keep track of invoicing, expenses and calculating payrolls. If you are having hands-on experience and are a seasoned pro with using this software, try putting it in a prime location of your resume.

All the new candidates, who are having experience and knowledge of different enterprise applications might include these computer skills:

  1. Business Continuity Planning.
  2. Customer Relationship Management.
  3. HR management tools.
  4. Enterprise resource planning.
  5. E-Commerce systems and payment processing and planning.

Social Media: Well, almost all of us knows the importance of social media in our daily life and even our workplace. They are the primary keys to corporate branding and marketing. Elaborating yourself in your resume and showing your prospective hiring manager how you have leveraged your social skills can surely grab his eye on you. So, if you are a socially savvy person, make sure you don’t forget to write these platforms in your resume.

  1. Reddit.
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter.
  4. Facebook.
  5. Pinterest.
  6. Sendible
  7. Hootsuite.
  8. Hashtagify etc.

Building yourself a strong resume is the first baby step to land your foot at the doorsteps of top tech brands. As the tech market is changing at breakneck speed, you and your resume must follow a similar suit. Well, writing down a perfect resume can be a difficult task. If you want your resume to be accurate, don’t forget to visit Stemknot, and have a glance at our thousands of free resume templates and make use of our free resume maker to make

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