How Can Students Highlight Their Skills In Resume?


Employment is at its peak, and the competition for talents in soaring high as companies tend to expand their team. This above fact means that landing into a dream job and negotiating the salary is comparatively an easy task. But you still need to be careful while designing your resume, especially if you are a recent college graduate.

By carefully designing, it means that the resume has to be custom-tailored for each and every specific job role you are applying for. Remember, every job is different, even the one that shares the same title. Especially the resume examples for the students with no work experience must report their specific skills in order. This helps in getting a big leap by giving you an advantage in the hiring process. If a potential recruiter decides to offer you a job, your long list of skill sets can easily influence the salary numbers that they tend to settle on.

What Are The Best Skills You Must Highlight On Your Resume?

Almost in all cases, recruiters spend approximately ten to twenty seconds to take a short glance at a resume before deciding to short-list a particular candidate. The inclusion of both your soft skills and hard skills in your resume can be beneficial for you. Try to Google out any job postings, and you might find requests like-

  • Collaboration skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Time-Management Skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • People skills.

All these attributes and skills are of utmost importance in today’s work environment. Hard skills mostly comprise of the technical skills that are required to take care of the responsibilities and tasks associated with the job. These skills do need a lot of practice, training, and education to master. They are mostly measurable, and advertising them is an easy task. Resume skills are what a potential hiring manager looks for while interviewing a candidate.

Soft skills, also known as interpersonal skills, represent the personal attributes and personality. These skills are necessary to fit perfectly in the working culture of the company and communicate clearly with others. These skills may sound soft, but they are of equal importance in the resume format.

Hard Skills Or Technical Skills That A Student Must Highlight In Their Resume

Try to include all your proficiencies and certification before listing down your hard skills on your resume. A financial controller, for instance, might report their strong foundation in SEC reporting, GAAP, etc. while an administrative professional can speak on their MOS or CAP certification. Software developers can add their expertise on CSS, HTML, JavaScript, or any other things that the company has listed in their job listing.

Here is a list of a few hard resume skills for some fields in-demand:

  1. Accounting: Some necessary abilities related to the area include collections, payments, invoicing, account reconciliation, and software proficiency, especially Xero, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks.
  2. Human Resource: Almost all companies throughout the globe rely on their team of HR to assess and hire job candidates, develop different retention efforts, and helps in the onboarding process of the new employees. HR is also responsible for effectively handling various wellness initiatives, employee engagement, and develop team building and training programs. If this is your area of specialization, try promoting out project management skills and strong communication on your resume.
  3. Data Analysis: All companies are in dire need of professionals who are good at gathering and interpreting technical data for different stakeholders. The inclusion of hard skills, such as knowledge on database theory, can be of great help for a college student resume.
  4. Project Management: If you are a recent graduate, try pointing out your familiarity with the different software and the practices required for overlooking a project from the start to the end. The addition of professional certifications like project manager professionals would be a great endorsement to your hard skills.

In order to write the best undergraduate resume, try pointing out examples of how you have used your hard skills previously, and it must be relevant to the job you are looking for. Try to note down the quantifiable achievements for every position you have held

Soft Skills That You Must Include In Your Resume

Remember, your soft skills are of the same importance as the hard ones. Smart recruiters can easily figure out that a highly trained, experienced new hire, who can’t fit exactly in the office culture, or freezes under high deadline pressure. You and your resume must assure the recruiter that you are the perfect fit for the specific job role, and you are there to make the team thrive in the future.

Here, down below is a list of few personal attributes that must be present in a college student resume work experience.

  1. Detail Oriented Nature: Sometimes, some mistakes can be very costly to the company both in terms of money and time. To make the hiring panel believe that you are deliberate and careful in what you have done and what you will do in the future, always try submitting a custom-tailored and checked resume exemplifying conscientiousness and diligence.
  2. Communication: In any condition, verbal communication and presentation skills are some of the most critical soft skills for a workplace. All employers look for candidates who can send to message to any genre of audiences from C-suite to interns and can present themselves with confidence.
  3. Decision-Making Capability: Almost all of the savvy managers give their new hires a measure of autonomy such that their leadership might focus on a broader picture. This makes them value their employee who all can get through any situation and determine the next set of steps to take, rather than asking for continuous guidance.
  4. Multitasking: Our current work environment is a lot more complicated and busier than our previous generation. A well-built and robust resume will prove an employee’s ability to juggle through projects while competing priorities.

Writing down a perfect resume can be a bit tricky and is indeed a difficult task. If you want your resume to be perfect, don’t forget to visit our website and have a glance at our thousands of free resume templates and make use of our free resume maker to make sure your resume is well built and stands out in the crowd.

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