Best Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Apart From Others


Applying for a job might be a bit stressful. Though candidates have the upper hand in today’s job scenario, it is still hard to land in any coveted positions. So what can be the best way to make your resume stand apart from other applicants?

A potential recruiter doesn’t have much time to check each and every resume thoroughly. The only way to grab the eye of the recruiter is by being judicious about your inclusion in your resume. From including the best college student resume work experience to choosing the right set of fonts and their sizes, making a professional resume in 2020 isn’t that easy.

In case if you haven’t figured it out yet, remember your resume skills must be the space to communicate a lot more than your own story. It must reflect a lot more than what you just did in your recent past. A stand out resume has an inclusion of what you have accomplished, your education, and your history throughout your career or your schooling. It is kind of crucial to make your resume spectacularly different before sending it out to your potential hiring manager.

Here in this article, there are some best ways included for both experienced and non-experienced candidates, which can surely make their resume stand apart from the ocean of other resumes.

Let’s start with the new graduates and their college student resume:

  • Choose The Correct Resume Format

A potential human resource or the employer spends just about a minute looking at a resume. The more precise and eye-catchy your resume is to scan, the higher the chances of them grabbing attention. Research says that most potential hiring officials focus on the few most relevant aspects in the resume sections.

  1. Name and other relevant information, such as contacts.
  2. Previous achievements and education.
  3. Previous job history.
  4. Previous experience in a particular domain and their relevant skillsets.
  • Try Adding A Cover Letter

More often than not, if a job post says to submit only a resume, most candidates will just send a resume. The addition of a cover letter along with the resume can help you in going the extra mile and make the hiring manager impressed. Briefly describe your skills in your cover letter as that can act as a supplement to your resume. Most recruiters appreciate your efforts in adding the extra time.

  • Try Using Industry Keywords When Needed

A custom resume resembles an excellent marketing tool. A perfect example of a resume for undergraduate students are the ones having some resume positive keywords. Most of the companies make use of the applicant tracking system to scan a resume for some specific keywords that they are looking for. Try not to use any flowery words or dubious claims while writing a resume. Usage of such terms can result in a complete loss of your resume while being in the process of ATS filtration.

  • Make Your Resume Custom Tailored For Each Job You Are Applying

Remember the very true saying; each generic form of resume that you are going to send to a potential hiring manager isn’t going to grab their attention. In many cases, they really expect to see a resume that has been custom-tailored for that specific job role. A recruiter wants to be sure that the applicant has read the full job posting and knows precisely what skills are required for the post. A great way to impress the recruiter is by showing off all your skillset and experience and by making a custom-tailored resume.

While we do believe that the process can be a bit confusing and time-consuming, but it is really worthwhile to do a few tweaks before sending it to the hiring manager. Try to read out the job post thoroughly and figure out what the employer is looking for. Determine all the values of the team members of that particular company and make sure your set of skills match them like a perfect fit. This can be the best way to make a college student resume or a veteran professional resume stand out in the crowd. Remember, most of the other job applicants won’t consider doing all this.

Now let’s discuss how an experienced or veteran candidate can make their resume stand apart:

  • The Heading Of Your Resume

The header is the very first thing especially for the experienced candidates that come into notice as soon as the recruiter opens the resume document. Never create a resume heading without relevant contact information or bio if you are a veteran to the industry. Most of the hiring managers go through a dozen of resume applications every day. Searching for the contact information of an experienced candidate can lead an ever-busy employer to bypass or reject the application. Making it sure that it never happens is the only viable option. While writing down your contact information in order to make the best-experienced resume, try to be left-justified. Also, entering the relevant information of the recruiter along with the other individuals of the company is indeed a healthy practice. This small gesture of yours displays your ability to research while searching.

  • Writing The Correct Job Summary If You Are An Experienced Candidate

A perfect resume summary for the experienced candidates is the one that is well put together, having relevant previous work information, and having a clutter-free structure overall. To achieve an easy to read resume format, choosing a simple layout is very necessary. One must highlight the experience section that is most suitable for the job posting. Eliminating all the blank spaces should also be done with care. The use of additional paragraphs such as awards and achievements, professional interest, the relevant skills can also be of great help to the employers.

  • Final Checking Before Sending

Before you hit the enter button, take a couple of minutes and check out the entire resume for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or formatting difficulties. This is because no one will tolerate these kinds of silly mistakes from an experienced candidate. Remember, if your resume is riddled with typos or grammar mistakes, it is undoubtedly going to create a negative impression on your hiring manager. Double-checking for any errors can sometimes be of great help.

Remember, a professionally crafted resume is the one and only way to get your feet in the door of the interviewer. If you want any more help, don’t forget to log in to StemKnot. They are known to provide best in class information for students and other professionals and even help in building resumes with their thousands of free resume templates and free resume maker to choose from.

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