Stemknot Landing Page

Branding, Attracting, and Sourcing

  • Companies are all competing for the same in-demand talent. Companies are prioritizing branding efforts and increasing their recruitment marketing spend. The cost of talent acquisition has gone up 26% since 2015.
  • With increased transparency and choice, candidates are not inundated with recruiting outreach.
  • Show college students why they should work for your company.

Better Quality hire

Did you know, the average number of application organizations received for a single position increased by 49% between 2012 and 2019. This has led to recruiters spending nearly one quarter of their time screening applications. By signing up, you can:

  • View students profile.
  • Understand student(s) skills, interests, and passion.
  • Message students and invite them to apply for open positions.
  • Lower the time on screening application and find an individuals to join your company via looking at student(s) profile / resume.

Improve Retention on newly hired Employees

  • Hire the best entry-level college graduates from our candidate pool who will stay with your company forever or at least more than 2-3 years.
  • Which will require onboarding process (Coming Soon!) to improve time to productivity and initial engagement.